SuperGIZ is a 3d printed personalised prosthesis design project

The SuperGIZ Project is an Autofabricantes original idea

Five families from different areas in the north of Spain met in December 2018 with engineering students, occupational therapists, and designers who volunteered to design arm and leg prosthesis to make the family’s everyday lives easier. The project, originally presented by Self-Makers from the MediaLab-Prado (Madrid), was first presented in Asturias by our MediaLab. Five families who had participated in Gijón SuperGIZ joined us. More than 50 people worked during the first semester of the year to make the family’s everyday lives easier.

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Lucas en La Sexta
A work in progress

Superheroes was born out of the necessity to continue SuperGIZ: improvements in the design of the gadgets, in the adapters for arm and legs, in the materials, and also in the training of the team. We want families to be able to design their own prosthesis, taking their own measurements and accessing the latest research, designs, and materials for their prosthesis. We want the project to grow with you. Being an engineering/design student is NOT a requisite. Join us?

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